Problems We Solve

Our Solutions Provide Competitive Advantages

As a top build-to-print manufacturer, GH Metal Solutions is intimately familiar with the problems that OEMs face. Our 60-plus years in solving problems has made us leading industry experts in creating tight supply chains, maximum production agility, and a competitive cost structure to ensure our customers’ success.

We free our customers from making expensive capital investments.

The investments we have made in precision manufacturing equipment are a huge value to our customers. As OEM companies outgrow their manufacturing facilities or streamline their own operations, they prefer to outsource metal fabrication than to invest in costly new equipment. With GH Metal Solutions, our customers look to us to produce the custom parts they need.

We are continually improving our customer’s manufacturing processes.

Working with GH Metal Solutions allows our customers to focus their creative efforts on designing products, while our focus is on improving and innovating the process for manufacturing the products they design.

We significantly tighten our customers’ supply chain.

GH Metal Solutions is a subsidiary of Reliance Steel & Aluminum, the largest metals service center in North America. Additionally, our strategic location in close proximity to the Southeast’s largest steel processing centers plus our onsite satellite locations at several steel mills bring significant freight, logistical and security advantages to our customers’ supply chain.

We simplify everything for customers with our production agility.

Due to the size, scale and scope of our production facilities, we seamlessly handle various quantities of different parts on multiple machines. Our OEM customers no longer waste valuable time and resources repeatedly setting up and tearing down for small quantities. Our agile machines do it faster, with fewer headaches for customers. We adapt quickly to any metal fabrication need.

We bring unparalleled engineering and manufacturing expertise.

With 60-plus years of metal manufacturing under our belts, GH Metal Solutions has amassed a wealth of expertise and experience that spans multiple industries. Our committed team of degreed engineers, American Welding Society certified welders, and trained line operators put the metal fabrication industry’s best minds to work for our customers.